Born February 17, 1989 in Basel, Switzerland
Raised in Manno, Switzerland

Biology studies (B Sc and M Sc at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel)

2009 Group exhibition “Divertimanno confronti”, Manno, Switzerland

2009 Publication of “wortSPIEGELwort”, Poetry, books on demand, Norderstedt, Germany

2014 Solo exhibtion “Kunstfenster 10 – Ramada Plaza Hotel”, curated by Susanne Kudielka, Basel, Switzerland

My latest work consists in the modification and coloration of shapes. These modifications often lead to a partial destruction of the original meaning of the specific shape. In biology this shape is often very strictly interlaced with function. The function is obscured in my works, leaving the esthetics of natural shapes.

Contact: m.metzler@me.com